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Selected Reading Material:


The Romance of Engines by Takashi Suzuki Ph.D.

SAE International Press


Okay, so I ripped off Dr. Suzukiís title (more or less) for the name of my website.Though Iíve never met him, the good doctor and I share a passion for engines.Great, interesting book!


Allied Piston Engines of World War II by Graham White

SAE International Press


This super book is loaded with photos, engine drawings, stories, and a host of great info.A gem!


Aircraft Piston Engines by Herschel Smith



Another delightful book!And Mr. Smith includes non-Allied engines as well.


A Few Selected Websites to Enjoy:


A beauty if you love aircraft!Loads of great photos and info on planes and engines.


Tons of info presented in a delightfully entertaining fashion.


An excellent discussion, with many diagrams, of how sleeve valve engines work.